Student Association of Islamic Religious Education (HIMA PAI) FAI UMY is a media of interaction and communication for its members and students of PAI as a whole, bringing the members of HIMA PAI and PAI Students to become more professional in managing personality and community is the main mandate for the university-level student body, which continuously tries to implement and realize the explicit vision and mission of: “Improving IMTAQ, improving science and technology and delivering students into professional teacher candidates.”

The task of HIMA PAI is to help what has been programmed by Prodi PAI FAI associated with institutional and student affairs.

In addition to the above HIMA PAI also served as a mediator between students and with the leadership of Prodi and Faculty is another part of our responsibility to harmonize various problems.

In improving these qualifications HIMA PAI try to equip various activities for Students, among others :

1.  Establish good communication and coordination among institutions
2. Helping Prodi’s vision and mission.
3. Open Many Links.
4. Opening the door wide, receiving criticism and suggestions from PAI elements in particular and FAI in general.

The activities of HIMA PAI among others :

  1. Organizational Training
  2. Blood donors
  3. Futsal Cup
  4. Making Short Film Competition
  5. Industrial Visits
  6. Bridging PAI
  7. Social service
  8. Design Training
  9. Magazine Writing Competition of each class
  11. PAI Gathering

For some activities can be seen in the link


or  ig himapai_umy